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Author: Cai-Nicolas Ziegler

Reißt Bürowände nieder! … wirklich?

Ein Plädoyer für eine kaleidoskopische Zukunft … Das Corona-Virus hat die Art und Weise, wie wir zusammenarbeiten für immer und ewig verändert. Nichts ist mehr so wie es ist. Wir brauchen keine Büros mehr … jeder arbeitet von überall und es ist super. Derartige Lobeshymnen auf die schöne neue Arbeitswelt…


A ‘user first’ manifesto for marketplaces

Digital marketplaces can be built by adopting one of (at least) two mindsets: Put the user/consumer first? Or rather the business partner/seller? My firm belief is that in almost all cases, user focus is a mandatory prerequisite to success. Digital marketplaces are everywhere. There is Amazon’s eponymous representative, to begin…

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Adjacencies are no silver bullet for classified portals

Adjacency businesses in classified portals (that is, services related to the transaction that go beyond the core portal search), have become en vogue as strategic levers. However, they cannot be your prime strategy. Nota bene: This is a lengthier article than the ones I usually put on my blog. This…


The app economy’s ‘Closed New World’

Why the app economy and user centricity are hardly best friends. One of the things that really bug me me is the “user first” song that virtually every (Valley-based) company merrily sings. And few really live up to. LinkedIn tells me in bold meaningful statements and videos that they always…

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