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My books & publications

In my life so far I’ve written quite a number of different things, ranging from 100+ articles for popular tech/Internet print magazines (mostly during my studies and PhD years), 40+ scientific articles during my academic life (which have been cited by more than 3,300 other scientific articles, as Google Scholar can tell), three books and several book chapters in social media, digital business, etc., and also 13 US patents (which is a really awkward style of writing — or rather what the patent attorney makes of it, which has little to do with your original invention).

More or less complete lists of things I wrote can be found here:

  • My popular media publications are listed here. Though it’s not complete. Some 10-15 articles are missing, but since the stuff is rather old anyway, no one will care that much.
  • Scientific publications are best found on the famous DBLP site. So are mine. A complete list of my papers, including some few that are not listed on DBLP, can be found here.
  • Patents are no found to read at all. If you are interested in weird documents whose title mostly starts with “apparatus”, be my guest and have a look at my list of patents.

The last book I have written (together with Julian Lambertin) is already a couple of years ago. Most of the stuff covered therein is still applicable, though.


Social Media und der ROI (in German), Erfolgsplanung und -kontrolle

Written by Cai-Nicolas Ziegler and Julian Lambertin

December 2013, 288 pages
O’Reilly Verlag, Heidelberg

Paperback, ISBN 978-3-86899-986-0